Thursday, March 29, 2012

Chef Mark Shadle and G Zen Make History in Branford Public High School

Chef Mark gives students a demo on Vegan cooking during their lunch period
Chef Mark Prepares for the 1000 students to line up for their school lunch at Branford HS.
Fully Organic & Vegan Meal served as part of National Nutrition Month

Here is the full menu that students had the choice of on their school cafeteria today 

Inspired by Chef Mark's trip to the White House and his official invitation to hear Michelle Obama speak, Chartwells & Branford High School invited Mark and Ami Shadle of Gzen Restaurant in Branford to be a part of National Nutrition month.  In honor of this, they proposed that Gzen prepare a hot and delicious 2 vegan entrees, a side dish and a salad option, with ingredients that were 100 vegan, organic and that supported local farmers. They also asked if Chef Mark could do a live demonstration, exposing the kids how to cook a healthy and delicious meal while keeping the ingredients simple, wholesome and more natural.  
The outcome was a huge success.

The students, faculty and staff were so thrilled to be given this kind of healthy and sustainable option. It was successful day on so many levels and feel like this is only the tip of the iceberg of all the great things to come


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  1. That's so awesome! Branford High is such an open minded & progressive school. I'm so happy Mark got to share his G-Love with those lucky students!